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Windshields and Airbags: A Dynamic Duo for your safety on the road!

Did you know that airbags and windshields make an incredible team to keep us safe on the road? When an accident happens, airbags deploy super fast to protect us. And guess what? The windshield actually helps with that. It acts as a sturdy surface for the passenger-side airbag, making sure it inflates correctly and directs the force towards us. These safety devices cannot perform properly without the support of the windshield So, having a high quality windshield is crucial for our safety.

When a crash occurs, sensors in the car detect the impact and trigger the airbags to inflate within milliseconds. This helps to reduce the risk of serious injury's to our head, chest, and upper body. They act as a protective barrier between us and the hard surfaces inside the car, like the steering wheel or dashboard. The windshield is also designed to keep drivers and passengers inside the vehicle. If the windshield is damaged or cracked the impact from the airbags going off can result in the entire windshield being pushed out of place or break the windshield making a a huge opening in the windshield causing the airbags to not work properly and could result in ejection from the vehicle.

Your vehicle is designed to operate as one whole unit and every part plays its role. The windshield provides up to 60% of the cars structural strength in a rollover. A properly installed windshield will help keep you and your passenger's safe inside the vehicle it can help prevent the roof from collapsing in on you.

So having a top-notch windshield is a crucial for our protection. Lets make sure we keep it in tip-top shape.

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